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Published: 22nd February 2011
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Tennis drills are widely used by tennis players of all levels. Tennis drills are used for many reasons. The best tennis practice drills provide repetition, match experience, and fun. They may also be used to help footwork and endurance. Every day tennis coaches around the world aim to devise new tennis drills for beginners along with advanced players. There are 2 types of tennis training drills which are used today.

The picture that comes to mind when one thinks of tennis drills is an instructor constantly feeding balls to a line of people. This sort of tennis drill is called "dead-ball drill". While it's still used today, it is probably not the most effective way to prepare students for matches. Players only hit one or just a few balls every now and then, and they don't take part in a point. Those people that practice "dead-ball drills" excessively perform really poorly in matches. It's mostly because the instructor feeds the balls perfectly to the students. Consistent feeds prevent players from adapting to different varieties of balls. "Dead-ball drills" however are the most effective forms of footwork drills. They can keep a large number of players moving if they're designed well. Cardio tennis drills are good examples of the fitness benefit of well designed tennis drills. "Dead-ball drills" also are excellent beginner drills considering that the best way to master proper tennis technique at the beginning is by repetition.

The best quality and also the most desirable forms of drills are live drills. Usually the instructor or even a player puts the ball in play and the point is played out. Live tennis drills also have a purpose or goal that the players try to achieve. Many times the goal is to simply win the drill. Other times participants cooperate to reach a common goal, for example, keeping the ball in play for a specific amount of shots. Tennis drill experts debate even today whether competitive or cooperative tennis drills are better. The actual answer is probably a good mixture of both kinds of tennis drills.

Properly designed tennis drills also offer the key ingredient which is fun. Every tennis coach should strive to make drills game-like and engaging. Boring and mundane tennis drills can drive any player to certain burn-out. It's necessary for instructors to keep up the attention and interest of students with fresh tennis drills and games. It's always challenging for tennis instructors to come up with new tennis drills time and time again. Tennis coaches can be reluctant to share their drills and keep them in secret. This is very counterproductive. All tennis pros would benefit from sharing their knowledge rather than guarding it.

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The author is a tennis professional with over 20 years of experience. He's an expert on tennis drills.

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